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We’ve listed the top business card print and design issues you may encounter while creating the business card. These business card print and design guides can help avoid reprints and frustration.

10 Guides to business card print design do the right way.

These Business card print design guide helps to identify the print and design issues.   1. How do you initially set up the business card from Photoshop? The most important business card print design guide is the initial setup of business cards. If you are in Photoshop, be sure to start by setting your document […]

Why shouldn’t design business card with online templates?

Creating your own business card design online can be frustrating experience for some because people wants high quality business cards without really understanding what makes a quality business card, consequently, many business people are not happy with results. There are plenty of business card design online sites you can create your own business cards online (DIY) for […]

Don’t use the Photoshop’s default black color

We recommend use of C=60, Y=40, M=40, K=100 color setting on the black color in printing because any other combination of process color may not get the true black color you are expecting every time. Simply, don’t use Photoshop’s default black to print the dark solid black. It will print flat or muddy black color. On […]