Premium plastic business cards offers a full line of finishing options that really stands out. Then we have an economical solution that gets the job done at a much lower price range.

  • 30 ml white plastic card —Premium quality. Same thickness a credit card, numbering available
  • 30 ml Frosted plastic card —Premium quality. This card has a frosted look,
  • 12 ml white plastic card — Premium quality, slim thickness
  • 17 ml white plastic card — Most economical plastic card available
  • 7 ml PET plastic card — High tech super thin material. Many options to choose from.
  • More plastic cards are available with many more options.
  • Call or email us for additional information [email protected] • 512-989-8060

Premium Plastic business cards can be used as a marketing promotional card as well. You can add sequential numbers, qr code, magnetic strips on our Premium Branding Cards. All plastic business cards has the rounded corners to allow easier access with billfolds.

Plastic business card comes in 2 sizes; a business card size (3.5″x2″)and the standard credit card size (3.37 inches or 85.6 millimeters wide and 2.125 inches or 53.98 mm high). Please add .125″  bleed to print out properly.

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